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Nicco Homaili - '666'


After an extensive three-year hiatus away from the scene, which saw him embark on some intense soul-searching, Singapore-based artist Nicco Homaili makes his long-awaited return to deliver the bold and passionate new single '666'.

Lifted from his eagerly-awaited new EP, which is set to land later this year, '666' shows him deliver a wonderfully broad and inventive release. Channelling a smooth and effervescent R&B direction that sees him harness raw and powerful emotions throughout, he is certainly look to make a strong impact with this one.

While the subject matter deals with the traumatic breakdown of the relationship with his fiancé, '666' still manages to hone in on his driven strength to come out fighting by the end. Dark and powerful from start to finish, he is showcasing himself as a truly adventurous and progressive artist throughout.

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