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Neon North - 'Liar'

After following up his much-loved 2021 LP 'Negative Gravity' with the stunning comeback singles 'After The Show' and 'They're Right Again' this past year, Canadian artist and producer Neon North shines once again on his euphoric new single 'Liar'.

Teaming up with vocalist Cate Clynch for the new release, 'Liar' makes for a beautifully warm and endearing listen. With its sweet and heartfelt direction heightening some beautifully alluring vocals from start to finish, he is returning to the fold with one of his most emotive outings to date here.

While he has certainly looked to cement himself as one of the more inventive names doing the rounds right now, 'Liar' shows that he still has plenty of fresh and tantalising ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident approach to his songwriting and production throughout, we can't wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve for the future as well.


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