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Natalie Clark - 'MIRACLE'

Photo: Kelli Hayden

After what has already been one of her busiest years on record, LA-based artist Natalie Clark is now looking to see it out in style with her euphoric new single 'MIRACLE'.

Honing another rich and heady dose of riveting pop textures once again, 'MIRACLE' marks another vibrant step forward within her progressive aesthetic to date. With her bright and uplifting vocal performance soaring across a triumphant production from start to finish, she returns to the fold with one of her most captivating releases so far.

While 2023 has certainly been her most impactful year yet, 'MIRACLE' shows that she still has plenty of new ideas to explore for the year ahead as well. With such passion and drive within everything she does, 2024 is certainly looking extremely bright for her already.

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