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Natalie Clark - 'FREEDOM'

Photo: Kelli Hayden

After already finding huge praise and acclaim for her run of releases so far this year, as well as her recent appearance on Abbey Loren's latest LP 'BadAss Women', Scottish artist Natalie Clark is still very much on top of her creative game as she returns with the bouncing new effort 'FREEDOM'.

Adopting a wonderfully bright and groove-filled aesthetic this time around, 'FREEDOM' stands as one of her most infectious and distinctive outings to date. With its bold and pulsing production perfectly elevating her soul-infused voice throughout, she is certainly looking to turn some heads with this one.

While her 2023 has been an extremely prolific affair so far, 'FREEDOM' shows us all that there is still plenty of fresh life within her direction. With such a wonderfully inviting approach to her songwriting on this one, she continues to impress throughout her newest offering.


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