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Mystery Friends - 'serotonin'

Photo: Alli Vega

After spending much of the last few years building and cultivating their sound, Washington DC's Mystery Friends recently returned to deliver their stunning new studio album 'Utopia', featuring the vibrant new single 'serotonin'.

Much like what their latest LP has in store for us, 'serotonin' makes for a wonderfully bright and dynamic listen. Blending more of that rich and immersive pop-rock aesthetic they are known for with some lively hooks threaded throughout, they continue to shine as one of the more exciting names doing the rounds right now.

While these last few years have certainly been a great time for innovation and self-discovery, 'serotonin' shows that they are still brimming with plenty of fresh and enigmatic ideas. With such a firm and focused approach to their sound once again, we can't wait to hear where they plan to take it next.


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