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My Life Story - 'I'm A God'

After returning with a string of impactful offerings these last few months, Brighton's Jake Shillingford-fronted project My Life Story are back once again to deliver the shimmering new single 'I'm A God'.

Capturing more of that rich and immersive pop-rock direction they have developed for themselves over the years, 'I'm A God' makes for a wonderfully warm and endearing listen. With its bright and alluring textures, soaring atmosphere, and mesmerising vocals layered throughout, they are returning to the fold with one of their most captivating cuts to date here.

While these last few months have certainly been a busy period for them, 'I'm A God' shows that they still have plenty of fresh and enjoyable ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident grasp over their sound throughout, we can't wait to hear where they plan to take it next.


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