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Miles East - 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight'

After recently returning with his long-awaited comeback single 'Better Than Here' late last year, New York-based singer-songwriter Miles East is back to his wondrous ways once again with the woozy new effort 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight'.

Taken from his forthcoming sophomore LP 'Between Lightning And Thunder', which is due out on the 7th June, 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight' continues those warm and effervescent aesthetics we have loved him for. With his rich and sweeping vocal performance layered across a sweeping indie-rock production throughout, he is returning to the fold with one of his more enchanting offerings yet.

While it has been eight years since he delivered his breakthrough debut album 'Ghost Of Hope', 'Lucky To Be Here Tonight' shows he is still very much on top of his creative game. With so much warmth and tenderness running through his newest gem, we are more than eager to hear what this new record has in store for us as well.

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