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Metronomy announce special edition of recent album 'Small World'

Photo: Hazel Gaskin

After the release of their highly-praised LP 'Small World' earlier this year, Metronomy have now announced their plans for a new deluxe edition of the record, dubbed 'Small World (Special Edition)'.

The new revamped release will include additional contributions from the likes of Porij, PPJ, Panic Shack, Nadeem Din Gibisi & Tony Njoku, Jessica Winter, Haich Ber Na, Bolis Pupul, and Sébastian Tellier, is being previewed by the new Katy J Pearson rendition of 'Love Factory', and is set to be released on the 29th November via Because Music.

Speaking about her work on the new collection, Katy J Pearson said, “I’ve been a huge fan of Metronomy for a long time. The records they made had a big influence on my music. I have fond memories of travelling up to Bristol to watch them play in when I was a teenager and the shows being so joyous. Brilliantly intelligent pop music. I met Joe after their show in Bristol and we got chatting. After this encounter I got asked to rework Love Factory for the special edition of their album Small World. I was so excited as ‘Love Factory’ is my favourite song from the new record. It’s so beautiful! So I was very flattered and honoured to have the chance to put my own spin on it. I wanted to strip it down to basics and make it a vulnerable duet. I’d been listening to a lot of Nancy Lee & Lee Hazelwood at the time so making it a pop duet felt really fun to do.”

Have a listen to the Katy J Pearson rework of 'Love Factory' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Small Version (Special Edition)' Tracklist:

1. Metronomy x Porij - Life and Death

2. Metronomy x PPJ - Things will be fine

3. Metronomy x Panic Shack - It’s good to be back

4. Metronomy x Nadeem Din Gibisi & Tony Njoku - Loneliness on the run

5. Metronomy x Katy J Pearson - Love Factory

6. Metronomy x Jessica Winter - I lost my mind

7. Metronomy x Haich Ber Na - Right on time

8. Metronomy x Bolis Pupul - Hold me tonight

9. Metronomy x Sébastian Tellier - I have seen enough


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