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Meg Smith - 'F*ck Friday'

Photo: Ella Mettler

After cementing herself with a bold and blistering array of gems over the last few years, including her recent breakthrough hit 'Wake me Up when My 20’s End', New York-based artist Meg Smith has made her explosive return as she drops the anthemic new single 'F*ck Friday'.

Channelling a rich and powerful approach to the pop-rock sound, 'F*ck Friday' is one of those rare earworms that you don't forget in a hurry. Jam-packed with energetic riffs, soaring hooks, and some instantly catchy vocals layered throughout, she is showing herself as one of the more memorable names emerging right now.

Despite so much material under her belt already, Meg Smith has produced something very special with 'F*ck Friday'. Setting herself apart from the crowd with gusto and aplomb throughout, we can't wait to hear what she comes back with next.


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