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Max Matthew - 'Hazy'

After introducing themselves with their much-loved debut single 'Want 2B Wanted' earlier this year, rising US duo Max Matthew are back to continue their vibrant ascent on the dreamy sophomore offering 'Hazy'.

Capturing a wonderfully smooth and breezy alt-pop aesthetic from start to finish, 'Hazy' makes for a brilliantly fun and sun-kissed listen. With their warm and inviting vocals layered across a shimmering production throughout, they look set to become one of the more alluring names emerging right now.

While their journey may have only just begun, 'Hazy' shows that they are brimming with fresh and inventive ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident approach to their sound and songwriting already, we can't wait to hear what else they have in store for us in the months ahead as well.


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