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Maury 111 - 'Desert Temple'

Photo: Lilli Nass

After spending the last few years exploring a multitude of broad and inventive ideas, Berlin-based artist Maury 111 recently returned to deliver his mesmerising new album 'Desert Temple'.

Channelling a rich and adventurous approach to electronic music, 'Desert Temple' makes for a wonderfully inventive and progressive listen. His bold and atmospheric production style allows him to develop beautifully warm and alluring tones that really highlight his eclectic spirit.

Adding about the release, he said, "This album is about the desert, about finding oneself into an infinite space to dig into introspection and find one's essence. It's about the acceptance of death and about the tear down of emotional walls."

Maury 111 has been making a name for himself within the Berlin scene for a while now, but it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more about him further afield in the month ahead.


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