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Martyn Scott - 'Bearable Through Love'

After recently returning to deliver his much-loved offering 'Lazy Days And Lullabies' earlier this year, Rotherham-based singer-songwriter Martyn Scott returns to the fold once again to unveil his shimmering new delight 'Bearable Through Love'.

Capturing more of that rich and emotive pop-rock direction he is known for, 'Bearable Through Love' makes for an incredibly warm and inviting listen. With its smooth and dreamy aesthetic perfectly elevating his heartfelt vocals throughout, he is continuing to cement himself as one of the more enchanting names on the rise right now.

While he has certainly proven his songwriting chops on a string of vibrant efforts these last few years, 'Bearable Through Love' still manages to stand out within his glittering catalogue to date. With such a firm and confident approach to his sound throughout, we can't wait to hear where he'll take his distinctive direction next.

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