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Maja Kristina - 'Neighborhood'

Having already established herself with a rich and alluring array of progressive pop offerings in recent years, Swedish artist Maja Kristina is back to her glittering ways as she delivers the sweeping new single 'Neighborhood'.

With 2021 proving to be a breakout year for the frontwoman, with her debut EP cuts ‘The Idea of Me’ and ‘Self Love Therapy’ featuring on Netflix’s The Bold Type, 'Neighborhood' sees her return in 2022 with one of her most alluring tracks to date. Jam-packed with rich and shimmering aesthetics, matched perfectly with her soaring voice, she pulls you in with heartfelt emotion and euphoric tones from start to finish.

Speaking about the song, she added, “For me, the track is about that ‘point of no return’ that comes from a breakup. You’ve built this world together in these familiar places - the little spots you have all these memories at, and then overnight they become out of bounds because they were your shared spots."

While she is still very much building her reputation right now, it already feels like Maja Kristina is set to become so much more in the years ahead. She has this powerful hold over her direction, giving us these wonderfully fresh and vibrant moments throughout.


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