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Maisie Peters unveils new single 'Good Enough'

Photo: Sonny McCartney

With an inviting array of new material landing in the last few months, Maisie Peters is back once again with her latest single 'Good Enough'.

The new track follows on from the recently shared cut 'Blonde', and comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Nic Minns.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “‘Good Enough’ is a song that’s really important to me. I wrote it with Dan in January of 2020, and I distinctly remember thinking it felt really special. Due to the pandemic and a whole host of other things, the song was forgotten about, hidden behind other things. Then recently, it reared its head again. Life having a funny way of sending it back to me when I needed it most. I knew I had to put it out when it felt like I could’ve written it yesterday. It’s a universal feeling but also the loneliest feeling in the world and I hope it can be as special to other people.”

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