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Maisie Peters shares new single 'Not Another Rockstar'

Photo: Sonny McCartney

With a flurry of new material under her belt already this year, Maisie Peters is back once again to unveil another her next release 'Not Another Rockstar'.

The new single was co-written alongside Ines Dunn (Mimi Webb, Griff) and producer Joe Rubel, and marks her fourth piece of new material of 2022, after ‘Cate’s Brother’, ‘Blonde’, and ‘Good Enough’.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “I wrote ‘Not Another Rockstar’ about my very debatable track record with men. The song aims to make fun at me and my decisions and them and their guitars, and it feels right that I wrote it with Ines who is my best friend because she was literally rolling her eyes at every line like ‘too real’. I hope everyone comes out of this song realising the true rockstar was in fact me. Obviously. No longer the rockstar’s girlfriend, we are the whole rockstar these days, girls.”


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