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Maisie Peters announces debut album 'You Signed Up For This'

With already an enormous amount of buzz flying around her this past year, Maisie Peters has now announced the details behind her long-awaited debut album 'You Signed Up For This', which will be released on the 27th August via Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Man Records.

The new full-length will include the previously shared single 'John Hughes Movie', and is being previewed by the new lead track 'Psycho', which is planned to be released on the 2nd July.

Speaking about the new record, Maisie said, “Signing to Gingerbread is a dream come true. I grew up inspired and in awe of Ed, like many other 13 year olds who heard ‘Lego House’ for the first time, so, it’s kind of amazing and hard to believe that I get to be the 21 year old who is able to call him and the whole Gingerbread team now friends, family and mentors for life.

"I’m so excited to announce ‘You Signed Up For This’, it really is my (albeit not hugely long) life’s work and my proudest achievement; it is my favourite album maybe ever and whilst I may be biased, I really hope it goes into the world and becomes lots of other people’s favourite too.

"It all means the world and is my world and there is nothing I would rather do.”

While Ed Sheeran added, “Excited to announce that I’ve signed the wonderful Maisie Peters to Gingerbread Man Records. She’s a very special artist who continues to push her storytelling in new directions. We had a few great writing sessions together and from there I knew I had to work with her. Can’t wait for you to hear her debut album x”

Maisie Peters will also be performing at this year's All Point East festival on the 30th August. Tickets and further info can be found at

Check out the full tracklisting for 'You Signed Up For This' below.

'You Signed Up For This' Tracklist: You Signed Up For This I’m Trying (Not Friends) John Hughes Movie Outdoor Pool Love Him I Don’t Psycho Boy Hollow Villain Brooklyn Elvis Song Talking To Strangers Volcano Tough Act


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