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Magdalia - 'Tunnel Vision'

After establishing her sound with a flurry of rich and immersive gems in recent years, Australian artist Magdalia now returns to deliver her first piece of new material for 2023, the shimmering new single 'Tunnel Vision'.

Capturing the same broad and alluring alt-pop sound as the likes of Florence + The Machine and Lorde, 'Tunnel Vision' makes for an incredibly intriguing listen. With her warm and passionate vocal performance layered across a progressive production from beginning to end, she is continuing her ascent as one of the more exciting names on the rise right now.

While these last few years have certainly seen her cement herself within the scene thanks to a run of rousing releases, 'Tunnel Vision' shows she still has plenty of fresh and enchanting ideas in which to explore. With such a rich and alluring approach to her songwriting as well. we can't wait to hear where this journey will take her next.


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