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Lupe Dragon - 'I Know What You Did'

Photo: AJ Natilla

After delivering a bold and enticing array of gems over the last few years, fast-rising New Jersey-based singer and songwriter Lupe Dragon has now returned to deliver her latest fresh and driven offering 'I Know What You Did'.

Described as a angry song about a nasty break-up, 'I Know What You Did' sees her in an unusually progressive guise despite the track's original subject matter. Mixing a subtle blend of raw and galloping acoustic guitar chords with her own sweet and soaring vocals, that even see her rapping her frustrations, this rich and powerful ode to heartbreak makes for a wonderfully rousing listen throughout.

Although she has already made a name for herself with this style of previous outings, 'I Know What You Did' feels like a enticing step forward in her musical evolution so far. With so much inventive spirit packed into one track, she is certainly treading her own path within the scene right now.


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