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Love Ghost x Whiplash - 'LEFT ON READ'

Over the last few months, LA's Love Ghost has established himself as one of the more prolific names surging across the new music scene, and is already back once again with his latest anthem 'LEFT ON READ'.

Teaming up with Mexico's Whiplash for his newest outing, 'LEFT ON READ' could end up going down as one his most impactful efforts to date. Bringing back more of that bright and infectious pop-punk energy he is known for, this new outing is another shining reminder of his progressive ideals to date.

While there has hardly been a moment that a new Love Ghost track hasn't been doing the rounds, 'LEFT ON READ' marks a vital moment within his vibrant ascent so far. With its raw and driven aesthetic throughout, we can't wait to hear where he plans to take his distinctive direction next.

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