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Love Ghost x Dan Garcia - 'Glock'

Having spent the last few months turning out an incredible wealth of diverse anthems, venturing off into a multitude of different aesthetics in the process, LA-based artist Love Ghost is back at it once again with his latest stomper 'Glock'.

Teaming up with Mexican rapper Dan Garcia this time around, 'Glock' is another bold and ferocious addition to his ever-growing catalogue. With its bold and bouncing energy matched perfectly to some raw and driven textures throughout, he is definitely a name worth keeping an eye on for the months ahead.

While these last few months have certainly been a busy time for him, 'Glock' shows that he is still brimming with fresh and inventive flavours in which to pursue. With such a confident run of form of late, we can't wait to hear where he plans to take his sound next.


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