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Love Ghost - 'Angelic'

Throughout 2023, LA's Love Ghost emerged as one of the more prolific and innovative names doing the rounds. With dozens of highly-praised efforts under his belt almost every month, he is now kicking off his 2024 with the tender new single 'Angelic'.

Opting more a more sombre, acoustic-led direction for his newest offering, 'Angelic' still manages to pack all the same emotion and vigour he is known for. Brimming with warm and shimmering textures, perfectly set to his impactful vocals from start to finish, he is opening up in a way like never before here.

While last year was certainly an extremely proficient time in his career, 'Angelic' proves there is still plenty of new and interesting ideas for him to explore. With such a passionate approach to his songwriting, we sit eagerly for what else he has planned for the months ahead as well.

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