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Louis Dunford - 'The Morland' EP

With huge amounts of praise coming in from the likes of i-D, Complex, and Wonderland for his previously shared offerings of late, emerging singer and songwriter Louis Dunford has now looked to cement his legacy as this next big name on the scene as he delivers his new EP 'The Morland'.

Featuring the previously shared tracks 'London's Requiem' and Regretamine', 'The Morland' shows the artist in the best form of his career so far. Composing odes to some of the more significant aspects of his and other's lives, the release has this incredibly emotional and intimate feel at its heart. Swooning and serenading his way through a rich and dynamic pop landscape, he feels totally at home on this new collection; moving effortlessly from one song to the next, and carrying his powerful presence throughout.

It is rare that we get to hear an rising act show this much promise, but Louis Dunford is certainly heading in the right direction. It almost feels like discovering names like Jamie T and Frank Turner for the first time. Something that you know is going to grow into another level of success and totally deserves every moment of it.


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