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Lou Gold - 'Eve'

Photo: Emma Ledwith

Having already spent the last few months building and cultivating her sound, Sheffield-based newcomer Lou Gold is now ready to bring her dynamic direction to the wider world with her stunning debut single 'Eve'.

Lifted from her forthcoming debut EP 'Somewhere Between Magic and Historical Materialism', which is due out later this year, 'Eve' makes for a vibrant initial offering. With her sweet and tender vocals spread across a riveting indie-folk-inspired production from start to finish, she is kicking things off with a beautifully warm and inviting opening number here.

While it may be her only piece of material to date, 'Eve' shines with this fresh and tantalising allure at every turn. With such a progressive approach to her songwriting already, we can't wait to hear what this new EP has in store for us as well.


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