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Lockyer Boys - 'LATKD'

Photo: Chad Kirvan

Following on from the release of their much-loved debut single 'Surfing In LA' last year, Canadian duo Lockyer Boys are back to deliver their first piece of new material for 2022, the fantastically upbeat 'LATKD'.

Channelling the fresh and bouncing direction of acts like Foster The People, 'LATKD' makes for a brilliantly fun listen. Jam-packed with killer hooks, a soaring atmosphere, and shimmering vocals layered throughout, these two look set for big things in the months ahead.

Speaking about the new offering, the band's Charlie Lockyer said, “Will and I try to make people happy with our music. Teenagers and maybe even young adults are often ‘happy being sad’. Why can’t we be happy being happy? That’s the message of ‘LATKD.’"

They may only just be at the start of their journey, but it is clear that Lockyer Boys are onto something very special with this one. With such a inviting and dynamic sound, we can definitely expect to hear a lot more from them in the near future.


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