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Lockyer Boys - 'Daisy'

Photo: Chad Kirvan

After delighting us with their incredible comeback single 'LATKD' earlier this year, Canadian duo Lockyer Boys are looking to continue their upward ascent with their vibrant new offering 'Daisy'.

Lifted from their forthcoming debut album, which is set to arrive next year, 'Daisy' makes for another wonderfully bright and shimmering pop release. Bringing back more of that rich and glossy sound they have built for themselves, they are certainly standing out as one of the more inventive names on the rise right now.

Speaking about 'Daisy', Charlie from the group said, “On our new song ‘Daisy’, we have Jeff singing backup vocals and Alan adding layers upon layers of tambourine and cowbell–it’s just a good time. Hearing it brings back a lot of memories from the past 3 years of recording and growing as artists.”

With such a fresh and dynamic approach to their aesthetic, 'Daisy' is another bold and adventurous step forward in their musical evolution. Filled with warm and illustrious textures, we can't wait to hear what this new full-length has in store for us.


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