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Little Dragon announce new album 'Slugs Of Love'

Photo: Delali Ayivi

After the release of their 2020 LP 'New Me, Same Us', Little Dragon have announced their plans for their new studio album 'Slugs Of Love', which is set to be released on the 7th July via Ninja Tune.

The new full-length will include the previously shared JID collaboration 'Stay', 'Frisco', and the record's title-track, and is being previewed by the new lead single 'Kenneth'.

Speaking about the new album, they said, “We’ve been exploring different ways to collaborate and communicate. Dissolving patterns and making new ones. Nurturing our ability to curiously press down keys, to bang — sometimes hard sometimes gently — on different things, strumming strings, recording sounds and investigating the limits for how much or little a sound can be tweaked… Together we have developed, replayed, danced to, cried and laughed to this music as it has evolved forwards, backwards, sideways and all around, but now finally as a complete masterpiece… This feels like our finest work yet. We are very proud.”

Check out the new video for 'Kenneth' and see the album's full tracklisting below.

'Slugs Of Love' Tracklist:

1. Amöban

2. Frisco

3. Slugs of Love

4. Disco Dangerous

5. Lily’s Call

6. Stay (feat. JID)

7. Gold

8. Kenneth

9. Glow (feat. Damon Albarn)

10. Tumbling Dice

11. Easy Falling


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