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Lisa Humber - 'The Devil's Advocate'

Photo: Jen Squires

After the stunning response to her highly-praised debut EP 'The Space Between' in 2022, Toronto-based artist Lisa Humber has now made her long-awaited return with the captivating new single 'The Devil's Advocate'.

Bringing back more of that rich and euphoric pop-rock energy she first arrived with, 'The Devil's Advocate' makes for a rousing return for the artist at the helm. With her bright and uplifting vocals spread across a soaring production at every turn, she returns to the fold with one of her most impactful efforts yet.

While it has been quite some time since we last heard any new material from her, 'The Devil's Advocate' shows that she is still brimming with plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and focused grasp over her direction once again, we can't wait to hear what else she has been working on during her time away as well.


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