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Lilac - 'Losing Myself (In You)'

Photo: Charlotte Horton

After introducing themselves last year with a flurry of vibrant initial offerings, Reading-based outfit Lilac now make their long-awaited return with the sweeping new single 'Losing Myself (In You)'.

Channelling a wonderfully warm and euphoric dream-pop direction from start to finish, 'Losing Myself (In You)' makes for a beautifully rich and engaging return. Jam-packed with sweet and effervescent textures, a breezy atmosphere, and killer vocals throughout, we can't wait to hear where they take this sound next.

While things are still very much in their infancy for Lilac, it is clear they already have a firm and strong grasp of their aesthetic so far. With such a light and passionate energy running throughout, we know this direction will serve them well in the months ahead.

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