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Lie Supine - 'Open Eyes'

Photo: Paul Spaull

Following on from the release of their initial singles 'Heavens Hands' and 'Be Alright' in recent months, emerging duo Lie Supine are now looking to continue their upward ascent as they deliver their third offering to date, 'Open Eyes'.

Opting for a smoother and more atmospheric lens to project their deliver alt-rock aesthetic, 'Open Eyes' adds another deeply diverse layer to their fast-growing catalogue so far. With their beautifully warm and vibrant voices riding a bed of smooth and sombre guitar hooks, this new release showcases their rich and emotional side throughout.

While they have only just begun their journey, it is obvious to hear that Lie Supine have an incredibly strong grasp over their sound. Brimming with broad and inventive textures throughout, we can't wait to hear what they come out with next.


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