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Lewis Poole - 'LIE DOWN'

Photo: April Bishop

Having already delighted us with his recently unveiled offerings 'ALONE 2.0' and 'ANYTHING' in recent months, fast-rising singer-songwriter Lewis Poole continues the support for his eagerly-awaited new album with the thunderous new single 'LIE DOWN'.

Cementing more of that broad and euphoric approach to the pop-rock sound he has already built for himself, 'LIE DOWN' makes for a wonderfully fresh and captivating release. With his rich and anthemic vocals permeating a gritty guitar-driven production throughout, he is certainly looking to become one of the more talked about names on the rise right now.

While his catalogue remains littered with bright and shimmering gems already, 'LIE DOWN' shows that he still has plenty of inventive spirit burning within him. With such a progressive approach to his songwriting and production, we can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us on this new full-length as well.


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