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LEUER - 'I Can't Believe I Found You'

After originally breaking through with a wealth of shimmering delights these last few years, Portland-based artist LEUER now makes his long-awaited return to deliver the captivating new single 'I Can't Believe I Found You'.

Capturing more of that warm and invigorating pop direction he is known for, 'I Can't Believe I Found You' makes for a rousing return for the artist at the helm. With its rich and enigmatic aesthetics perfectly elevating his heartfelt vocal performance throughout, he is returning for the new year with one of his most impactful cuts to date here.

While he certainly cemented himself with his previously unveiled gems, 'I Can't Believe I Found You' still manages to stand out within his glittering repertoire to date. With such a strong and ambitious approach to his sound from start to finish, we can't wait to hear what else he has been working on during his time away as well.

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