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Lee Trent - 'Pessimism'

After the roaring success behind his debut single 'Optimism' earlier this year, Nashville-based singer and songwriter Lee Trent is looking to deliver the contrasting follow-up to his initial release, 'Pessimism'.

Channelling more of that warm and vibrant folk-inspired groove he is cultivating for himself, 'Pessimism' sees the artist in a wonderfully bright and renewed light. Bringing back a sweet and sweeping production that highlights his soaring vocals, his newest gem makes for a rich and alluring listen throughout.

Things may only just be kicking for for Lee Trent, but it is clear that he already has a strong grasp over his sound. With a fresh and effervescent approach to songwriting and textures throughout, he is certainly a name worth keeping a strong eye on in the near future.

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