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KLEN - 'Down The Pen'

After cementing themselves with a fresh and inventive array of gems throughout the last few years, including their highly-praised sophomore album 'Trill Intentions' last year, Cornish outfit KLEN return once again with their vibrant new offering 'Down The Pen'.

Continuing their bold and adventurous approach to the indie-rock sound, that also borrows from classic psych-rock influences, 'Down The Pen' makes for a wonderfully fun and uplifting listen. Jam-packed with jangled guitar hooks, a pulsing pace, and stellar vocals throughout, these guys will get you up and out of your seat in no time.

Despite such a varied repertoire under their belt already, 'Down The Pen' really stands out amongst their catalogue to date. With such a joyous and energetic approach to songwriting, we can't wait to hear where they will take themselves next.


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