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Kinga Angelys - 'Good Things Are Coming'

Photo: Aloha Burn Frames

Following on from a run of bright and glittering delights these last few years, Hamburg-based Canadian artist Kinga Angelys is looking to continue her soaring ascent as she delivers the glossy new single 'Good Things Are Coming'.

Capturing more of that sweet and uplifting pop aesthetic she has built for herself over the years, 'Good Things Are Coming' makes for a wonderfully enjoyable listen. With her buoyant vocal performance layered across a shimmering production from beginning to end, she is certainly looking to slap a smile on our face with this one.

While she has certainly built a fresh and upbeat array of releases in recent years, 'Good Things Are Coming' still makes for a stunning addition to her ever-growing catalogue to date. With such a fresh and passionate approach to her sound, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take her next.


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