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King Kismet - 'Afterglow'

After delivering a broad and inventive array of gems over the last year, Phoenix-based artist and producer King Kismet has now returned once again to unveil his beautifully vivid new single 'Afterglow'.

Heavily inspired by the ODESZA album 'A Moment Apart', this new endeavour makes for a wonderfully warm and vibrant listen. Channelling a raw yet heartfelt electronic aesthetic that perfectly matches his bold and soaring vocals, 'Afterglow' is a brilliantly powerful addition to his growing catalogue to date.

While he has clearly forged a bold and euphoric sound for himself in recent months, 'Afterglow' really marks itself as one of his most endearing works so far. With such a rich and driven grasp over both songwriting and production, it sits as a wondrous ode to his passionate guise and persona.


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