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Khruangbin & Leon Bridges announce new collaborative EP 'Texas Moon'

After the release of their previous effort 'Texas Sun' earlier this year, Khruangbin and Leon Bridges are back to announce another collaborative EP 'Texas Moon', which is set to be released on the 18th February via Dead Oceans, in partnership with Columbia Records and Night Time Stories Ltd.

The new five-track collection will act as a companion piece to their previous release, and is being previewed by the new lead single 'B-Side'.

Speaking about their new EP, Khruangbin said, “Without joy, there can be no real perspective on sorrow. Without sunlight, all this rain keeps things from growing. How can you have the sun without the moon?”

Check out the new Philip Andelman-directed video for 'B-Side' and see the EP's new tracklisting below.

'Texas Moon' Tracklist:

1. Doris

2. B-Side

3. Chocolate Hills

4. Father Father

5. Mariella


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