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Kelsie Kimberlin - 'Right Place Wrong Time'

Photo: Brett Kimberlin

Having already established herself with a rich and enigmatic array of releases these last few years, US singer-songwriter Kelsie Kimberlin is looking to continue her vibrant ascent with the sombre offering 'Right Place Wrong Time'.

Channelling more of that warm and tender piano-led direction she has been cultivating since she first arrived, 'Right Place Wrong Time' makes for a wonderfully embracing listen. With her sweet and lilting vocal style layered amongst a bold and atmospheric production from start to finish, she marks herself as one of the more passionate artists on the rise today.

While these last few years have certainly been littered with fresh and impressive offerings, 'Right Place Wrong Time' really stands out within her repertoire to date. With such a confident approach to her songwriting throughout, she is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the future.


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