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Kate Nash shares new single 'Wasteman'

After returning to share the singles 'Misery', 'Horsie', and 'Imperfect' these last few months, Kate Nash is back once again to unveil her latest offering 'Wasteman'.

The new track comes accompanied by a brilliant new video, starring Danny Dyer, his daughter Sunnie, and celebrated contemporary dancer Gaby Diaz, and previews her fifth studio album, which is due to arrive next year.

Speaking about 'Wasteman', she said, "Wasteman is about owning your power & being in a confident enough place to call someone out for their bad behaviour in a toxic relationship. It’s realising you deserve better. It’s the moment you recognise yourself again and see yourself smile after years of fighting for respect in a relationship. You learn over the years that the most important respect comes from yourself and that you can choose who you have in your life. Basically if they ain't treating you right and your friends are sick of telling you they're not worth it, dump them. It's giving London sass with a throwback to my UK garage & piano roots #nomorewastemen”.


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