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Karen Harding - 'Not About Angels'

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

After delighting us with a breathtaking array of sweet and mesmerising gems over the last few years, Australian singer and songwriter Karen Harding returns once again to unveil her shimmering new single 'Not About Angels'.

Opting for a warm yet soaring piano-led aesthetic from start to finish, 'Not About Angels' makes for a brilliantly rich and euphoric listen. As her bold and effervescent voice glides amongst the humbly-played keys, she conjures a beautiful and captivating aura that really stands out amongst her contemporaries.

While she has been slowly making a name for herself with this kind of material in recent years, there is something truly magical about 'Not About Angels'. With its alluring sensibilities and immaculate textures, it really feels like she has produced something very special here.

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