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Kaiwyn - 'The Cut After The First'

Updated: May 23

Photo: Roger Chambers

After introducing himself with his vibrant initial offerings 'You're My Kind (Just Be Mine)' and 'Dedicated To You' last year, Australian artist Kaiwyn is now back for 2023 to deliver his uplifting new single 'The Cut After The First'.

Capturing more of that fresh and sun-kissed pop direction he has been cultivating for himself since he first emerged, 'The Cut After The First' makes for an incredibly warm and inviting listen. With his bright and euphoric voice layered across a soaring production throughout, he is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this one.

While he has already cemented himself on the scene with his original releases, 'The Cut After The First' sees him build upon those foundations with style and aplomb. With such a rich and enticing approach to his sound, he is definitely someone worth keep a firm eye on in the months ahead.

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