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Joshua Woo - 'Goodbye'

Having delighted us with a frenzy of warm and enticing offerings these last few months, London-based artist and producer Joshua Woo is now looking to showcase his debut EP 'Beyond The Glass' with his sultry new groove 'Goodbye'.

Capturing more of that sweet and rousing direction he puts into all of his material, 'Goodbye' is another shining entry in his captivating repertoire to date. With his warm and emotionally-charged vocals riding a bed of sweeping R&B-inspired production from start to finish, he is certainly looking to carry us away with this romantic new gem.

While his work to date has always had a strong and vibrant foundation running underneath it, there is something about 'Goodbye' that really stands out within his catalogue. Brimming with sensual energy and a confident presence, it caps off what has already been a stunning year for the emerging artist.


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