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Josh Tepper - 'Guide Me Meron (Acapella)'

After recently returning with his highly-praised single 'Guide Me Meron' in recent months, a release that has since garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, New York's Josh Tepper now looks to add a new angle to his recent hit with its acapella version.

Stripping back all the original production to leave nothing behind except his passionate voice, the new acapella rendition of 'Guide Me Meron' really highlights its powerful lyrics from start to finish. Brimming with a warm and alluring atmosphere throughout, he is really tapping into his more spiritual side on this new offering.

While the original recording certainly brought a flurry of acclaim his way upon its release, 'Guide Me Meron (Acapella)' delivers another heady dose of emotion at every turn. Give this one a listen and be prepared to be blown away!


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