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Jorja Smith drops new single 'Little Things'

Following the release of her stunning comeback cut 'Try Me' last month, Jorja Smith has now delivered her brand new single 'Little Things'.

The new track was produced by P2J and New Machine, and comes accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Bolade Banjo.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “The song is pretty self explanatory, I had a lil concoction - rum, ting and a magnum. When we started creating this song I was just imagining hearing this walking into a party and seeing someone I’d had my eye on. It’s fun!”

While director Banjo added, “A snog with someone you're crushing on… The lyrics and instrumental were very much dedicated to the direction of the video, it was about finding the stylistic language that made sense. Speaking with Jorja about how she wanted to approach this it became apparent; ‘Little Things’ was within itself…”


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