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Jordan Jones - 'Flawless'

Photo: Fontaine Lewis

After cementing himself with his stunning singles 'Stumble' and 'Break My Heart' earlier this year, fast-rising Canadian artist Jordan Jones is now looking to make it three-for-three with the release of his captivating new effort 'Flawless'.

Channelling more of the sweet and supple pop tendencies he has been cultivating for himself so far, 'Flawless' makes for a wonderfully rich and alluring listen. Inspired by laid-back Sundays with his loved one, his newest gem is a tender ode to unbridled admiration, brimming with light and airy textures throughout.

Things may only just be starting out for Jordan Jones, but 'Flawless' clearly showcases his rich and powerful songwriting at every turn. With an already diverse selection of gems under his belt already, it feels like we will be hearing a lot more from him in the months to come.


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