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Jewelia - 'The Comfort Of Falling'

Photo: Andy Denyer

After making her eagerly-awaited return with her vibrant comeback single 'Second Best' in recent months, London-based singer-songwriter Jewelia is looking to continue her upward ascent as she delivers her spellbinding new effort 'The Comfort Of Falling'.

Opting for a warm and tender acoustic-led aesthetic this time around, 'The Comfort Of Falling' highlights the rich and heartfelt approach she brings to all of her material. Filled with sweet and alluring vocals, alongside a sweeping production from start to finish, she is continuing to impress throughout this new delight.

Although she is no stranger to the more emotionally-charged aspects of her work, 'The Comfort Of Falling' delivers a rousing display of romantic energy. With her soaring vocals captivating us at every turn, we can't wait to hear where she takes her distinctive direction next.


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