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Jewelia - 'No Lover'

Photo: Andy Denyer

After showcasing her worth with a wealth of bright and euphoric offerings these last few months, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams in the process, London-based artist Jewelia is back at it once again as she drops her dynamic new effort 'No Lover'.

Bringing back more of that warm and effervescent pop direction she is known for, 'No Lover' continues her pursuit of bright and uplifting textures throughout. With her fresh and joyous voice riding a bed of bouncing production from start to finish, this new one perfectly suites these shining summer months ahead.

Despite just an impressive array of releases under her belt already, 'No Lover' really stands out within her catalogue to date. With such an invigorating approach to songwriting, we can't wait to hear what she comes back with next.


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