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Jesse Grossi - 'Push The Hate Aside'

Photo: Bruno Grossi

After spending the last year churning out a flurry of fresh and dynamic efforts, all contained within his own bold and passionate guise, LA-based artist Jesse Grossi is back at it once again with the powerful new single 'Push The Hate Aside'.

Blending a subtle mix of pop-punk and pop-rock aesthetics, 'Push The Hate Aside' stands as a necessary and vital ode to the state of the world today. With its strong and driven lyrics lending an olive branch of hope for all those that listen, he aims to find some solace in this troubled world and deliver an anthem for all those searching for answers right now.

With such a prolific stretch of releases under his belt already, Jesse Grossi has always managed to find something fresh to explore. His bold and shimmering approach to songwriting has been a calling card of his since the beginning, and continues to stand tall throughout all of his work to date.


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