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Jeremy Engel - 'Tell You Ma''

Photo: Jerome Morin

After spending the last few years churning a broad and enticing array of funk-infused jams, Dublin-based French singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel has returned to infectious ways to deliver the vibrant new single 'Tell You Ma''.

Continuing more of that smooth and soul-inspired direction he has cultivated for himself, 'Tell You Ma'' makes for a wonderfully fresh and swaggering listen. Channelling a heady mix of classic and retro grooves, all harnessed within a contemporary guise, Engel delivers a hell of a passionate and engaging performance throughout.

Things may only just be kicking off for this young artist, but he has already captured a rich and inventive aesthetic in which to call his own. Blending indie-rock with a soul flex is never an easy feat, yet he comes to it with all the flair and gusto as an artist who has been doing it for decades.


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