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Jeff Vidov - 'Oh mi da dey di'

After recently returning with his stunning comeback offering 'Baby can u dig your man' earlier this year, Canadian artist Jeff Vidov is back to his vibrant best once again with the uplifting new single 'Oh mi da dey di'.

Bringing back more of that bright and euphoric pop-rock energy he has been building for himself, 'Oh mi da day di' makes for a brilliantly fun and lively listen. With its rich and soaring textures set to his joyous vocal performance throughout, he returns to us with one of his most enjoyable releases yet.

While he has certainly built a strong and confident array of releases recently, 'Oh mi da dey di' still manages to make a lasting impression on his ever-growing catalogue to date. With such a commanding grasp over his direction once again, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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