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jazzygold - 'boring like me'

After spending the last few years building and cultivating her sound, Faroe Islands-based newcomer Jasmin Mote aka jazzygold is now ready to introduce herself to the world with her shimmering debut single 'boring like me'.

Capturing a wonderfully warm and effervescent R&B-inspired direction throughout, 'boring like me' makes for a brilliantly rousing introduction to her sound. With its warm and driven aesthetic, glittering atmosphere, and her own tender vocals at the helm, she is cementing herself as one of the more exciting names emerging right now.

Although her journey has only just begun, 'boring like me' showcases some beautifully sweet and heartfelt textures. With such a bold and electrifying approach to her sound already, we can't wait to hear what else she has in store for us in the months ahead as well.


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